St John Hospital Medical Education
Student Elective Application


St. John Hospital & Medical Center Elective Request FAQ

  1. “How do I apply for a rotation?”
All requests must go through the elective request website:
Once you get to the website click on the application tab.

  1. “When does the application open?”
We start taking applications for the next academic year (July-June) on June 1st at midnight. Rotations for the current academic year will be scheduled on an ongoing basis. 

  1. “I want to request rotations for next year/the months I would like to request are not an option on the application.”
We only schedule one academic year at a time. You must wait until June 1st of the upcoming year to apply for the next cycle.
  1. “Do you offer 2 week rotations?”
No, we only schedule 4 week rotations.

  1. “What are your rotation dates?”

Rotations are scheduled in 4 week blocks. The 4 weeks must fall within the one calendar month. 
On the application check the months that you are available to be scheduled. The specific dates are finalized when the student coordinator emails to schedule the rotation. 

  1. “When will I find out if I will be scheduled for a rotation?”
Generally, we start offering rotations to students in the beginning of June. You will be contacted if a rotation(s) you have requested is available to schedule.
  1. “Why are student rotations scheduled so late?”
Ascension St. John Hospital has a very complex elective schedule. We have over 240 residents and 200 visiting residents from other hospitals who do rotations throughout the year. The residents’ and attendings’ schedules affect the medical student rotation availability. We also have 3 main medical schools which schedule 4th year rotations. Before each academic year all the schedules are combined and the medical student rotation availability is determined.
As soon as a rotation can be offered to a student the student coordinator will reach out to them. Do not email/call the coordinator asking for an update on your application.
  1. SGU Students: “I am only requesting a Medicine Sub-I at Ascension St. John Hospital. I need the rotation confirmed as soon as possible or I will not be able to graduate.”
SGU students are not allowed to cancel a Medicine Sub-I but that does not mean that you cannot put in an elective request at more than one hospital.

You cannot cancel a Medicine Sub-I that has been confirmed/scheduled. However, you can turn down a rotation that is offered if you.
  1. “What is the likelihood that I will get Medicine Sub-I?”
Our Medicine Sub-I’s are limited. Core students (students who have completed 3rd year at ASJH) put in requests before visiting students.
Keep in mind you can also request medicine electives if you are interested in applying to our Internal Medicine Program.
  1. “What is the likelihood that I will get a Family Medicine rotation?”
The 4th year Family Medicine rotation is extremely limited. A Family Medicine rotation is built into all our core students’ 3rd year schedule. This does not leave much room for 4th year rotators. Family Medicine will take two to three 4th year students a year. 
  1. “How many elective applications are submitted?”
We receive requests from 400-500 students yearly.
  1. “Will you provide B1 visa support letters for students?”
Yes. For SGU students the university sponsors the visa. You will need to contact your clinical coordinator to start the process after a rotation is scheduled.
  1. “Do your residencies take applications from students who require a visa?”
All but our OBGYN residency will take applicants on a visa. Students on a B1 visa may still do an OBGYN 4th year elective.
The AMA has a residency/fellowship database that is helpful for students who require a visa. You can search the residency programs to find out if you can apply to their program:
  1. “Can I apply for rotations to Ascension Providence Hospital through the elective website?”
No, Ascension Providence is a separate hospital with a different elective request process. More information can be found on their website.
  1. “Is there student housing available?”
There is some short term housing for 4th year students. ASJH owns 2 homes that are rented out to students (a male and female house). The student housing is located within walking distance from the hospital. 
Student housing is meant to be used by students who are on rotation for a short period (3 months or less). Students who are scheduled for more than 3 rotations cannot use the student housing.
Students cannot rent out one of the rooms if they are not scheduled for a rotation at ASJH.
More information can be requested once the student is scheduled.
  1. “What is ASJH’s cancellation policy?”
At Ascension St. John Hospital, we hold students to a 30 day cancellation policy. If a rotation is dropped the university will be notified and the student will be responsible to pay out of pocket for the rotation.